dissolving anxiety

A Neuroscience-based Cognitive and behavioral course to take your mental health into your own hands and finally resolve your anxiety

Saturdays 9am PST

Sept 10th – Oct 8th

This online course will take you through a series of neuroscience lectures to help you understand your anxiety and how you can harness the constantly changing nature of your own brain to overcome it. This course will not only help you uncover why your anxiety got so goddam bad in the first place (was it an experience you had in childhood? subconscious beliefs? insecure attachment style? adult experiences that perpetuate it?), but also what you can do about it. 

Because understanding something intellectually and experientially changing it are two totally different beasts. 

This live online course combines education with cognitive, behavioral and lifestyle changes you can make to rewire your brain and hone lifelong skills in anxiety management and relief. 

This course will focus on refining and cultivating your own self-awareness and skillset, but if you are a therapeutic practitioner, coach or work in any field in which you are supporting individuals one-on-one who experience anxiety, the knowledge and information you gain from this course will undoubtedly be supportive to your clients as well. 


live lecture schedule (PST)







Join us live on Saturday mornings to make the most of this experience by getting your questions answered in real time and participating in partnered and group practices, but know you can catch up on your own time if you can't make it live.



 Autonomic Nervous System

Species Specific Defense Reactions 

(what determines whether you fight-flight-freeze- fawn)

Healthy Fear vs. Anxiety

Predatory Imminence Continuum 

(what determines whether you experience fear, anxiety or panic and subsequent behaviors) 

Why Anxiety Disorders are so Prevalent in 2022 (Signal Detection Theory)

How Fear + Anxiety are Conditioned (Developmentally and as Adults)

How to Decondition the Fear Response + Challenges in Eliminating It

Why the Fear/Anxiety Response can return after being Deconditioned and How to prevent it’s Renewal  


HPA Axis (Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal)

Amygdala Circuitry

Hippocampus Circuitry

Prefrontal Cortex & Inhibitory Centers



Mindfulness + Meditation Practices

Subconscious Reprogramming Practices (Yoga Nidra)

Cognitive Reappraisal Approaches

Lifestyle Changes to Minimize Anxiety

This training is for you if...

…your fear has inhibited you from making big life changes that you know would ultimately bring you joy like moving, changing careers or starting a family. 

…you find yourself participating in avoidant behaviors to minimize the possibility of anxiety in certain situations like airplanes, group social events, first dates, or trying something new. 

…you wake in the morning and you step outside and you take a deep breath and you get real high and you scream from the top of your lungs “WHY THE HELL DO I HAVE HEART PALPITATIONS?”

…your anxiety has ruined your ability to enjoy caffeine because you know that you are just one cup of coffee away from a panic attack. 

… you have ever experienced any sort of anxiety or panic attack, OCD, obsessive or intrusive thoughts. 

….you are a teacher, coach, therapist, or health care  practitioner looking to redefine your own relationship with anxiety so you can ultimately share this information with others. 

..you are one of the 90% of Americans that is currently living with day to day anxiety (or one of the countless other citizens of the world living with it). 


one time pay in full of $444

 or 2 monthly payments of $222

client love + Praise

Working with Alex changed my life and was like no other life coaching I have experienced.

She made things so comfortable and gave action steps after every session. The action steps and homework helped me get real life data and information to improve my anxiety and self-love journey.

I could not be happier and am so appreciative of the 4 month program with Alex.

Thank you!

China McCarney

“My time with Alex, has been life changing. Alex is so kind, patient and loving which fosters an environment that is safe and free from judgement. 

She helped me shift my mindset from one that wished things, people and circumstances outside of my control would change to a mindset of empowerment, self-respect and autonomy. 

My time with Alex has helped my anxiety and codependency tremendously by providing me with tools I can use in my everyday life. I am forever grateful for my time with her.

Sarah Stowell

“Alex’s knowledge, passion, and care for what she teaches and how she coaches is a truly a special experience and relationship. Alex’s knowledge has forever impacted my life, supported me through unwrapping and realizing some of my most deeply stored emotions and experiences, provided me with resources and techniques that have become daily tools, and created a beautiful, safe space for me to embrace all of myself.

I have learned to love more of myself and love myself fully through healing stored trauma and emotions, changing my brain patterns, and thinking in different ways”

Caitlin Bottagaro

meet your guide

Alex nashton is a:

Alex Nashton is endlessly inspired by the human brain’s ability to change itself. She believes that mindfulness practices are the best way to unravel the patterns of body and mind that keep us stuck in cycles of thought, negativity, and unnecessary pain. Her goal is to demystify the abstract and ethereal parts of this practice to make it relevant for you. Alex has studied extensively in the Ishta Yoga lineage and has taught in New York City, Los Angeles, and internationally. She recently completed her degree in Neuroscience at UCLA where she studied the intersection between mindfulness and anxiety disorders.

client love + Praise

Coaching 1:1 with the neuroscience ninja herself was incredible!

Her knowledge, enthusiasm, and genuine spirit shown through during each session.

Alex held a safe place to share and learn during each call. She created actionable steps after each check-in and had a unique/fun way of holding me accountable along the way. ” 

Jocelyn Reyes

“Alex’s training was a beautiful blend of science and practice. Learning the physiology of the practice added a depth of understanding to the teachings that helped solidify the practice for me.

It’s impossible not to be encouraged and excited by Alex’s enthusiasm for the practice and material.

She is a thoughtful, patient, and open-hearted teacher, which made for a supportive, encouraging container.

I’m so glad I signed up for this online training. If you’re considering it even a smidge, definitely go for it.”

Julia de’Caneva

“Alex approaches her teaching environment with mastery and respect for her students and the materials. Just how much I absorbed in 6 weeks is astonishing, yet I never felt rushed. That is due to Alex’s teaching style: she explained things in several different ways for different learning styles, helping the abstract scientific and esoteric principles to really take root.

She also fostered a real community online and provided highly constructive feedback throughout the course at each step – I felt encouraged, supported and celebrated in my learning and growth as a teacher. I will certainly take more courses with Alex online and in person, and will recommend her to anyone who will listen.”

Chrissy Morgan


one time pay in full of $444

or 2 monthly payments of $222

Libby Crow

Business Coach, Human Sparkler

Alex is unlike any other yoga and meditation teacher I’ve come across in all of my travels over 12 years taking classes across the world.

The way she mixes science and spirituality to create a synergy of groundedness and enlightenment is one of the reasons I’m so drawn to her teaching. She has the ability to intuitively create a beautiful and intentional experience for her clients based on her deep wisdom and understanding of the practice. 

I could sing her praises all day–but you won’t truly understand until you meet her and get to feel her powerful, radiant, truly high vibrational presence yourself. If every person on the planet could just take one class–the world would be forever changed–lighter–more peaceful–more in tune.

5 Days to
Overcome Anxiety

This free 5 Day Challenge will walk you through breath work, meditation and subconscious reprogramming practices rooted in neuroscience to rewire yourself for less anxiety and more joy!