Online Teacher Training

Wednesday’s 5pm PST

NOV 21st -MAR 8TH

This teacher training delves into the intersection of modern neuroscience and ancient spirituality. Deepen your understanding of your mind, thoughts and emotions as well as how to support them through the use of breathwork + meditation. You’ll also learn how to confidently and successfully share these tools with others. 

The curriculum consists of neuroscience and philosophy lectures, technique workshops, and practice teaching sessions. (Scroll down for more info curriculum material + schedule). 

All live lectures will be taught via Zoom with the replays available in our private Facebook Community. It’s in this community that you can connect with other trainees, ask questions and get unlimited support during our time together.


live TRAINING schedule (PST)

welcome meeting + kick off call

Monday November 21st 5-7:30pm PST


















monthly Q + A Calls (dates & Times Tbd by cohort)

practice teaching in small group + 1:1 (dates & Times tbd by cohort)




Autonomic Nervous System 

Brain Wave Development

States of Consciousness

Accessing the Sub/Unconscious Mind

Pineal Gland (Third Eye) Activation 

The Science of Anxiety


 Anatomy of Breath

Nadi Shodana (Alternate Nostril Breathing)

Padadirsasana (Beginner Variation of Alternate Nostril Breathing) 

Surya Bhedana (Sympathetic NS)

Chandra Bhedana (Parasympathetic NS)

Kapalabhati (Breath of Fire)

Bastrika (Bellows Breath) 



Body Scan

Present Moment Awareness

Guided Visualization

Nervous System Orientation


Posture Lab

The Science of Focus








This training is for you if...

…you’ve cultivated a secret love affair with your own brain and are ready to put a ring on it.

….you are a teacher, coach, therapist, or health care  practictioner looking to offer your community a new arsenal of mindfulness tools.

…you know you should be meditating every day, but can’t seem to sit your butt down to do it.

…you have absolutely no interest in teaching breathwork or meditation at all, but (not so) selfishly just want to learn more about them for your own practice.


one time pay in full of $1,111 usd

four monthly payments of $280 usd

what graduates are saying...

Alex’s Breathwork & Meditation Teacher Training was absolutely incredible! As a yoga and meditation teacher, this training was exactly what I needed to take my knowledge of these traditional practices to the next level. Alex not only teaches with authenticity and accessibility but also gives you the information that makes teaching meditation and breathwork accessible for people of all backgrounds.

Learning the neuroscience was exactly what I needed to take my understanding of these practices beyond my spiritual experience and really root into the science behind the benefits of meditation and breathwork. I recommend this training to anyone wanting to deepen their own understanding of how breathwork & meditation work in the body as well as established teachers to really give their knowledge of the practices a well-rounded approach.

I can’t wait to take more trainings with Alex in the future! Hands down, the best investment I’ve made this year!”

Brittany Lynne , Yoga & Meditation Teacher, California

“This training will change your life by refining the most fundamental aspect of living: breathing. 

Alex Nashton is a fantastic teacher. This is a subject she knows, loves, and has dedicated her life to mastering. 

Her passion and enthusiasm made the material come alive. Anyone who breathes should take this teacher training.”

Marquis Olison, Coach & Teacher, Illinois

“After 30+ years in education, I often spend time in workshops thinking about how they could be done differently, made more experiential or crafted for the participants to create more of the meaning for themselves. 

Alex is a master, and that part of my brain is singing and dancing at the way she knows how to be a teacher for real learning. Not only did I deepen my own practice, but I gained the confidence and skills to bring these practices to my clients!”

Leah Zimmerman, Life Coach, California

“The training was mind-blowing ! The welcoming & embodying energy that replaced the distant presence using a Zoom-Classroom. The flow of the teachings & practices as well as the continuous support were impressive. 

Alex is an amazing and inspiring teacher, this journey was truly transformative for me as a coach and teacher. I can’t express my gratitude enough for the possibility to take this training online and for the depth this training brought to my life and career.” 

Imane Shybat, Mindfulness Teacher & Coach, Morocco

meet your guide

Alex nashton is a:

Alex Nashton is endlessly inspired by the human brain’s ability to change itself. She believes that mindfulness practices are the best way to unravel the patterns of body and mind that keep us stuck in cycles of thought, negativity, and unnecessary pain. Her goal is to demystify the abstract and ethereal parts of this practice to make it relevant for you. Alex has studied extensively in the Ishta Yoga lineage and has taught in New York City, Los Angeles, and internationally. She recently completed her degree in Neuroscience at UCLA where she studied the intersection between mindfulness and anxiety disorders.

what graduates are saying...

“Alex approaches her teaching environment with mastery and respect for her students and the materials. Just how much I absorbed in 6 weeks is astonishing, yet I never felt rushed. That is due to Alex’s teaching style: she explained things in several different ways for different learning styles, helping the abstract scientific and esoteric principles to really take root.

She also fostered a real community online and provided highly constructive feedback throughout the course at each step – I felt encouraged, supported and celebrated in my learning and growth as a teacher. I will certainly take more courses with Alex online and in person, and will recommend her to anyone who will listen.”

Chrissy Morgan, Coach & Yoga Teacher, California

“I enjoyed this training so much! It was actually more than I expected. As someone who tends to lean towards more spiritual practices I learned so much from this training from a neuroscience perspective! 
I feel like I gained a great foundation to move forward and to be able to creatively put together and lead my own sessions and be able to incorporate confidently into my business and life easily! 
We are given lots of practice time with each other and it definitely helps with your confidence and ability to take in the information. Highly recommend!”
Kayla Bhegani, Mindset & Energy Coach, Canada

“Alex Nashton is an incredible teacher. She is so knowledgeable and makes some pretty dense subjects digestible, attainable and understandable. I came across her meditations and got hooked, I just knew I wanted to learn from her! 

Her meditation style is really attainable for everybody which is what drew me to her. I got so much out of the breathwork and meditation training! It was definitely the most interesting training I’ve done, and Alex really does her best to meet you where you’re at and make sure you feel supported. 

I have been recommending her trainings and meditations to many of my friends and students. 10/10!”

Corey Heyman, Yoga Teacher, Florida

“I signed up for Alex’s breath work and meditation teacher training to learn new skills to help the patients I serve in the hospital. I walked away with practical exercises and began teaching immediately.

 What I didn’t expect was how much this training would also empower me to grow my voice as a teacher. Alex’s mastery of her art and confidence in each of us provided a rich environment for personal and professional growth and development. Thank you, Alex!”


Brittany Rudinica, Clinical Social Work & Counselor, California


one time pay in full of $1,111 usd

four monthly payments of $280 usd

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one time pay in full of $1,111 usd

four monthly payments of $280 usd

what graduates are saying...

“Meditation and Breathwork Teacher Training with Alex was a wonderful experience that deepened my knowledge of the science behind how and why these techniques are successful in aiding new thought patterns and ways of being.The combination of spirituality and neuroscience established a strong foundation for me to build upon as a new teacher of mindfulness and breathwork.

 Alex is an excellent teacher that brings an immense amount of knowledge and kindness to this training program. She has the ability to communicate intricate ideas in a clear and concise way. While simultaneously creating a safe environment that encourages participation so that her students feel comfortable being themselves and are able to get what they need most from this program. 

Overall, this teacher training was a transformative experience personally and professionally. I highly recommend teacher traing with Alex.”

Sarah Stowell, Fashion Designer & Yoga Nidra Guide, California

“The Breathwork + Meditation Teacher Training has been incredibly transformative, and the absolute best gift I have ever given to myself. 
It has changed my relationship to anxiety, and has already started to benefit the clients I work with.
Alex Nashton teaches in a way that felt both empowering and trauma-informed, with an emphasis on finding your own voice within these practices. I can’t recommend her enough!”

Alex Martynowicz, Behavior Analyst & Mindfulness Teacher, California

Alex’s Breathwork, Meditation, and Neuroscience training is truly a dream come true. The way that she weaves her knowledge of neuroscience with traditional breathwork and meditation practices is so illuminating. I would recommend this training a million times to anyone- even if you don’t plan on teaching, because the information is just so useful. The science aspect really breaks down the why and how questions and explains the benefits of breathwork and meditation in a more palpable way. In addition to the content of the training, Alex is just someone I love to learn from! She has the most genuine spirit and is so knowledgeable in her field, I always feel like I am in good hands.

Hayley Wilson, Yoga + Breathwork Teacher, Arizona

“I love how Alex mixes science and spirituality into her teachings and the way she makes it relatable for everyone.

I knew little to nothing about neuroscience and teaching breathwork and meditation when I began this course. Now I have full confidence that I can teach these practices and implement them in my life!

Alex kindness and compassion radiates throughout her teachings. The way she creates and holds space for her students and forms a community is really beautiful. I’ve honestly made some of the greatest friendships from this training and I am so grateful.” 

Caitlin Bottagaro, Coach & Meditation Teacher, Colorado

Libby Crow

Business Coach, Human Sparkler

Alex is unlike any other yoga and meditation teacher I’ve come across in all of my travels over 12 years taking classes across the world.

The way she mixes science and spirituality to create a synergy of groundedness and enlightenment is one of the reasons I’m so drawn to her teaching. She has the ability to intuitively create a beautiful and intentional experience for her clients based on her deep wisdom and understanding of the practice. 

I could sing her praises all day–but you won’t truly understand until you meet her and get to feel her powerful, radiant, truly high vibrational presence yourself. If every person on the planet could just take one class–the world would be forever changed–lighter–more peaceful–more in tune.

5 Days to
Overcome Anxiety

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