If you feel like a slave to your thoughts, welcome. You came to the right place.


Group Coaching

Public group classes in Los Angeles, CA.

One-on-One COaching

1:1 guidance to fast track transformation.


Curious about The Quantum Field + Manifestation? Or maybe Creating your own DMT (in your brain) to have an experience of something bigger than yourself? Got something specific you want me to teach in your studio or office? Let's talk!


Monk style immersions in the mountains or dreamy turquoise beach weeks to help you dive in real deep real quick.

Teacher Training

Yoga Alliance certified 200 Hour & Yoga Nidra Trainings. Special lectures include Intro to Breathwork + Meditation and Using Mindfulness Practices to Change the Brain.


Seated Meditation + Yoga Nidra audios to help you get started on a daily routine.

Group coaching

Somatic Brain Training

  • 4 month online group program
  • 1x/week group coaching call, lecture and Q + A
  • 2x/ week practices to learn actionable techniques
  • private Facebook community for unlimited online support


Intimate and rapid transformation.

  • Weekly coaching specifically designed to break the habits that are keeping you physically and mentally stuck
  • Specific techniques for nervous system recalibration and to create an expanded state of consciousness
  • Monthly personalized nidra recording to pull out limiting belief patterns from the subconscious and unconscious mind
  • Unlimited email support


Ready to dive deep?

Nothing changes your mind faster than changing your environment.

Online Meditation

Self Study

Meditation and Nidra to get you started anywhere: at home, on your lunch break, on a plane, and everywhere in between.

  • Practices for beginners & seasoned meditators alike
  • Calm anxiety + release stress
  • Cultivate emotional resilience
  • Deeply relax

3 Secret Ways to Change Your Brain

Free Mindfulness + Neuroscience Guide to Get Unstuck

Easy brainhacks to immediately shift your perspective and change your mind.

Courtney Ray

Branding Photographer, Photojournalist

Alex weaves quantum physics into the practice. I loved the practice itself and the corrections were so helpful. I had a block and a question about visions I’d had with an energy healer six months before and the guidance through nidra gave me such clarity!